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About eindianvisa.com

www.eindianvisa.com is a visa consultancy website to obtain the Indian visa online for many Foreign Nationals across the world in just a few easy steps. Now, the e-Visa for India can be obtained online easily with 6 months Valid passport and not required to submit their original passport to be stamped. www.eindianvisa.com is the organization who is responsible for promoting Indian tourism to the world as a tourist destination. We have the expert support team to handle all kind of queries and concern regarding e-Visa and get the e-Visa done in few hours.

We provide regular trainings to our staff about the updates and changes in the process, we also provide customer service and soft skill training to our staff and we take complaints and any intentional disservice very seriously. Our staff members have the knowledge and understanding to do the job in timely manner and efficiency. We portray India as a tourist destination, business hub, and affordable Medical treatment center so that it fuels the desires of the world's travelers to visit our shores and it ensures that India remains a priority destination for everything.

About e-Tourist Visa India
Tourist Visa process

The Indian Government has decided to provide the tourist visa online to many Foreign Nationals in just few easy steps.

The e-TV is issued electronically without submitting any original documents but the traveller must have an original passport valid up to 6 months from the date of arrive in India. A scanned copy of your original passport is required to be submitted online along with a passport size photograph to process the application. You are required to fill the application form online and submit online. After submitting the online application, you will be redirected to a secured payment gateway to make the payment online. For any assistance with the application or payment you may call us on +91 8800204904 or you can email us at info@eindianvisa.com. Once your visa application will be submitted, then you will receive the visa result in 04-07 business days after receipt of the payment. You are required to take a print out of the same before the commencement of your travel and you must keep a copy of the e-tourist visa all the time during your travel in India. Once you arrive in India, your biometric information will be captured at the airport and your passport will be stamped for the entry into the Indian Territory.

e-Tourist Visa (eTV) fee is USD 126 Exchange rate applicable per passenger excluding interchange charge for credit/debit cards. The fee must be paid at least 4 days before the expected date of travel filled by you otherwise application will not be processed.

Urgent e-Tourist visa Fee is USD 243 Exchange rates applicable per passenger excluding interchange charge for credit/debit cards.

The Indian Government has decided to provide e-tourist visa online to many Foreign Nationals in just few easy steps. Now, the tourist visa can easily be obtained online and you are not required to submit your original passport to be stamped. The e-Tourist visa can be issued in advance electronically before your arrival date in India. The actual visa is stamped on your passport at the airport on arrival in India.

The entire application process can be completed onlineā€”to get started through, click on APPLY VISA link and just keep following the instructions to fill the application, upload your photograph and passport copy, make the payment online and you will get your e-tourist visa result on your email within 4-7 business days in normal process and 12-16 business hours in urgent process.