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Instructions for e-Visa Application

Applicants from different eligible countries can apply for Indian e-Visa online. They should apply for it at least 4 days in advance. Here are a few things that visitors should know before applying for an e-Visa-

An Indian e-Visa is valid for 120 days from the day of its a pproval.
· A tourist with e-Visa can stay in India for a maximum period of 60 days from the day of his/her visit.
· One can get approved for e-Visa not more than twice a year.
· An e-Visa is a double-entry Visa and is non-extendable and non-convertible.
· Triple entry is allowed on e-medical Visa.
· The fees charged for e-Visa is non-refundable
· Normal processing time of an e-Visa is 72 business hours. However, e-medical Visa can be processed within 8-12 business hours.
The application process for e-Visa is simple and hassle-free. e-Indian Visa application process is given below-

Step #1 Click on the e-Visa Application form and fill out your basic details such as name, date of birth, e-mail ID, nationality, expected date of arrival, etc. You can continue filling this form or save it to fill later.

Step #2 On the next page, you are required to fill detailed personal information along with a few details of your passport. You can save and continue

Step #3 In this step, you are required to further give out information about yourself such as your current residential address, permanent address, father/mother/spouse details and the whereabouts of your occupation. Submit.

Step #4 In the next step, you must fill out the details of the e-Visa you are seeking. Here, you will also be required to give one reference name in India and one in your own country along with their address.

Step #5 Now you are required to upload your photograph. It should be a recent photograph with white background. The minimum dimensions are 350 pixels (width) x 350 pixels (height). One should be careful about the photograph clarity and other specification failing which can result in the rejection of your e-Visa application.

Now you must upload the scanned copies of your relevant documents along with the application. After this, you must pay the fee towards e-Indian Visa application and take the acknowledgement slip.

The applicant must carry a copy of the e-Visa along with him/her at the time of travel. On arrival in India the biometric details of the applicant will be mandatorily captured at Immigration. The applicant's entry is at the sole discretion of the Immigration officer at the India Airport who is a representative of the Government of India.